Google’s Dan Clancy

Library Journal (LJ), an American Library Association (ALA) publication, published an article about the Google Book Search settlement. Dan Clancy, the Engineering director for Google Book Search, was interviewed by LJ staff. They covered several issues and questions:

1. Why settle? [Why go through with a legal settlement for the Google Book Search?]
2. Some say the settlement favors expediency over a more optimal solution.
3. Can this plan quickly go into action?
4. What kind of products and services [will be available if this settlement goes through]?
5. Pricing is certainly a big concern for libraries.
6. How will the Registry work? Will it have a librarian on it?
7. One free terminal for public libraries sounds archaic.
8. Will you administer subscriptions yourselves or use vendors?
9. Critics, like Brewster Kahle of the Internet Archive, say you place unnecessary restrictions on public domain books.
10. Books you scan don’t surface in other search engines. Would you lift that restriction for public domain books?
11. Harvard’s Darton warned of a potential monopoly on book content. What might be the competition?
12. How might the settlement help ease the orphan works problem?
13. Why not make orphan works you’ve scanned open to all?
14. Librarians are concerned they have no formal voice in all this.

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John has served as a Reference Librarian at Willamette University since 2002. He is the liaison to the Science Departments, and is responsible for maintaining the collections related to the life & physical sciences. His research interests range over the entire spectrum of libraries and information sciences, but includes: - Google and its influence on information & society - The Internet's influence on information seeking & sharing behaviors - Trends of scholarly communication - Electronic learning environments - Traditional pedagogy - GIS use in academic libraries

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