YouTube Videos and Privacy

It is a little surprising to hear that someone posted their birthing process online. This puts a whole new spin on the phrase “family video,” and a potentially limitless audience. While there are potential risks to posting this kind of info, such as ID theft and attempting something without professional medical assistance, there are a lot of benefits too.

Unites people with similar interests and experiences. It can be educational to show what real childbirth is like. Home births, for example, were common a century or two ago before this activity was moved to modern hospitals. However, as people become more equipped with knowledge, there has been a move to keep the birth process at home once again.

It seems like people in today’s society, especially in western cultures (e.g. the United States) value their personal privacy increasingly less. They are okay with posting personal video as long as they decide if and how the information is delivered. In addition, they are more likely to participate, if they feel they are contributing their experience to better society (this statement is my personal opinion & not factual).


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John has served as a Reference Librarian at Willamette University since 2002. He is the liaison to the Science Departments, and is responsible for maintaining the collections related to the life & physical sciences. His research interests range over the entire spectrum of libraries and information sciences, but includes: - Google and its influence on information & society - The Internet's influence on information seeking & sharing behaviors - Trends of scholarly communication - Electronic learning environments - Traditional pedagogy - GIS use in academic libraries

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