14 Common Facebook Complaints

This links to 14 common Facebook (FB) complaints and how to fix them. Not all of the complaints are fixable, but most have some way to at least partially resolve the issue. It includes useful videos with directions to make your FB experience more enjoyable. Topics include:

1. Too much information
2. Getting tagged in bad photos
3. Having to ‘Reply All’
4. No message forwarding
5. Too many offers and invites
6. Mind-boggling interface
7. Like rude guests, some apps won’t leave
8. Endless requests
9. Not getting the message
10. A Calendar isn’t on the agenda
11. Usability hits the road for mobile apps
12. Reusing past agendas (It’s hard to relive good times)
13. Too many clicks to accept Friends
14. Stream filters don’t actually filter

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  1. Can anything be done with the cussing used on Facebook? I am possibly deleting Facebook, which is my connection with my family.

  2. I’m afraid there is not much you can do besides requesting individuals to tone down their language (tactfully of course). The other option would be to “unfriend” the specific offenders. If it is just a few people who are cussing, it might be worth deleting these people so you don’t have to listen to them any more. Or at least view their comments.

    Otherwise, you’re stuck with the friends you have made on Facebook!

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