Fourth Librarian Movie

I had to post this…

The Librarian movie poster.

The Librarian movie poster (source:

The Librarian series, which stars Noah Wyle as Flynn Carsen in an Indiana Jones knockoff, will produce a fourth movie that will likely be released in 2010. The previous movies include “Quest for the Spear” (2004), “Return to King Solomon’s Mine (2006), and “Curse of the Judas Chalice (2008).

Librarians, archivist, library staffers… Lets just say anyone who enjoyed the first three movies will look forward to the next release. I will!

Post Update 3-8-10

Apparently, a lot of people are interested in when the fourth movie will be released.  No news yet as to when the fourth movie will appear.  Right now the producers are writing the script, then they will need to cast and do pre-production stuff before the actually filming takes place (see below for details).  I’m guessing that it will take at least one year, so we might see it come to theaters (yes, I said theaters!) in 2011.

I also realized that I didn’t include my original source of info above–my most sincere apologies!  My original source came from the official ALA email list in which the following was posted, if you want to read more:

A new Librarian movie in 2010, @ your theater
Clarissa writes: “The first Librarian TV movie with Noah Wyle appeared in 2004 and was called Quest for the Spear. The second was in 2006 and was called Return to King Solomon’s Mines, and the final one (or so we thought) aired in 2008 and was called The Curse of the Judas Chalice. Producer Dean Devlin recently announced that a fourth Librarian movie will be released in theaters. No word yet on the date, but since shooting will occur this year, chances are it will be released sometime in 2010.”…
TV Overmind, Nov. 8

TVovermind mentions an announcement by the director Dean Delvin for a fourth movie. It basically says that there will be a fourth movie, and it will be released as a movie in theaters opposed to how the first three movies appeared on cable television’s TNT channel (

I turned up two references to an interview with the producer which was posted January 8th & 9th of 2009 (  The producer was asked where the series was headed, given its success and whether it will ever go to the big screen, and the producer Dean Delvin replied:

“We’re in the process right now of writing the script,” Devlin told Deb in the interview. “Were hoping some time later this year to start shooting the first Librarian feature movie.” Maybe Noah Wyle didn’t make such a bad move after all.

With the so-so reception the last Indiana Jones movie got (aliens and swinging through trees with monkeys — I mean, come on!), it’s possible that something like this might be a welcome “replacement” for it. Then again, have you seen the National Treasure series? Yikes.

“We’re a little more family friendly than the Indiana Jones franchise,” Devlin continued, “but it’s a good time to let this character flourish.”

Resident CliqueClack Librarian expert, Rich Keller, had this to say about the series: “For an action-adventure television series it was good. Cheesy but good. Everyone involved looked to be having a good time filming the series. The third installment was probably the best of them all.”

I searched the Internet Movie Database (IMDB) among other places and didn’t find any scoops on Noah Wyle, Dean Delvin, Noah’s character Flynn Carsen, or the new Librarian movie–only previous Librarian movies. The TNT Librarian web sites (Quest for the Spear, Return to King Solomon’s Mines, and Curse of the Judas Chalice) also didn’t have any info, but it does have a link to a graphic novel of which you can preview 8 pages.

I’ll post any more current info on this page…

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  1. When will the fourth librarian be released? I loved all the others and have always liked noel wyles acting. hope its soon can’t wait to see it.. thank you for your time

    • Hi Shirley,
      There’s no news yet as to when the fourth movie will come out in theaters (instead of cable/tv), but the producer Dean Devlin said that they are currently writing the script.

  2. TNT has a big disadvantage and which I believe has made their movies a bit unique. Because they are released on TV they cannot use foul language, gore, nudity, and poor quality. The movies must make it on cleverness, real acting, excitement and good writing. I enjoyed the Jesse Stone series for it’s same qualities. Some screen plays try to write in all the qualities of the characters as a crutch for CGI and weak acting. I find it better to use my imagination to try and fill in the blanks and it makes for a real oppurtunity for the characters to grow into the roles. In each episode the character finds more of his hidden qualities. Such as in one he gained courage, in two he gained selflessness, in three he gained true compassion and acceptance. Four would probably be a good time to learn insight into the library itself and of course finding out his father isn’t really dead. That should be a good trick for the writers since he’s met his father’s murderer. Or was he???

  3. i can’t wait for the fourth one. i hope its not gonna be like the fourth Indiana Jones. it was so random. that movie had nothing to do with the other three. i guess the moral to that movie was the too much knowledge will kill you. and it would be crazy if Flynn’s dad is still alive. that would be a low blow to Flynn’s “uncle” because he actually didn’t kill him. that would be really funny. and i wonder who would play Flynn’s girlfriend in the fourth movie, since the last three have been played by big TV stars. *Sigh*, only if the job was real. i would love to be the librarian. i love history and adventure

  4. I love the librarian films they are funny and amazing to watch I would love if they kept on making more and more librarian films

  5. We did a combined take on all three Librarian movies and it consistently gets hits. (A number of them from your post here.) Apparently there is a lot of interest in the quirky Flynn Carson.

    Your points about the 4th Indiana Jones were sadly true. And while National Treasure is a little dippy at times, we enjoy it and it is very popular. Thanks for doing the legwork and research on this potential sequel. We have received this question on our blog and had no answer until now.

    Here is our take with lots of pictures and perhaps a little wit we were referring to if you are interested in checking it out:

  6. Hi
    I am a BIG fan of The Librarian TV movies. Noah Wyle has said he wants to make more of these movies. If the fans of these films would contact TNT, I think they would make more movies. The fans saved Star Trek this way! I would like to ask as many people as possible to contact TNT and let them know we want more Librarian movies. Here is some contact information:
    snail mail:
    TNT TNT Phone 404-885-4538
    1010 Techwood Drive, NW Email
    Atlanta, GA 30318
    If the fans speak up, I think they would make more of these excellent films. I say we give it a try.
    Lets contact TNT and let them know there is a big fan base out here for these type of movies.
    I want to see more Librarian movies. Lets make this happen!

  7. HI
    I have heard that another movie was being planned for a theatrical release but nothing definite has been reported that I am aware of. I do hope that another Librarian film will be coming out this year!

  8. I just watched again, for the fifth time, my three Librarian movies. When nothing else sounded good, the first Librarian had me laughing and enjoying the great adventure. I sure hope it continues on. It’s great entertainment for all generations.

  9. Keep it going… the Librarian…..extremely interesting and keeps you going. Action, humor, good plot what more could you ask for

  10. I can watch these movie over and over, I know eventually I will get disinterested but what will keep me… a new one. Where is it?

  11. I love these movies hope to see more

  12. I just finished watching the movies that i DVR’d with my kids . Its eleven thirty at night on sat and there ready to watch the next one .I was sorry to tell them that there was not one to watch so they went to bed very unhappy . I have heard there are rumors of a fourth movie please you have to make more . I have to learn more about the library . Oh on a side note if like these movies you’ll also like WAREHOUSE 13 on the syfy network you can catch all the shows on netflicks

  13. Just watched these movies on TNT for the 7th time! LOVE them! Still waiting for the next one…,,,,,,,,,,

    • Oddly enough, I also watched all of them today and recommended them to a friend of mine. These movies are so catchy. I watched the first one for my first time today and was hooked, I haven’t moved from in front of my TV since, I’m now on the third one. Thank God for TNT! I cannot wait for the arrival of the 4th one, but i’m starting to wonder how long we are going to be waiting.. It’s two years over-due, I’m ready for it!! Has there been any recent talk of when it will be out?

  14. I, too, just spent my Sunday afternoon re-watching all three Librarian TV movies. I love them!
    I think any future episode should remain on TV and NOT as some big-budget theatrical film. A huge budget and wide-screen do not guarantee a quality product and would no doubt ruin the cheesy charm that made the 3 originals so much fun.
    Also, in order to avoid the dreaded G rating, the theatrical version would invariably have to sprinkle in some F-bombs, sex and nudity throughout as well. For the cost of just ONE theatrical film, they could make several better TV movies.
    I say, don’t mess with success and if it ain’t broke – well, you know . .
    And for Pete’s sake, get the next one made while Bob Newhart is still with us!

  15. I’m glad that I found this site and it looks like there will be at least one more Librarian film (hopefully coming out this year)! Yes, they can be a bit cheesy at times, and I wish the love interest wouldn’t change with each film, but they are still great adventure stories about a guy who gives us bookish nerds some hope that we just might get to go on some adventures of our own one day. I’ll be buying tickets for the premiere show if it does come out in theatres!

  16. I really like the librarian series an watch it whenever I see its gonna be on.

  17. Not goin to happen anytime soon people. He’s busy with other projects. Sooo sad

  18. Noah’s doing “Falling Skys”… I hope there are more Librarian movies too!

  19. charles martindale

    I really like the libraian movies and I wonder if there will be any more and if so when..

    • Hi Charles,
      Unfortunately, there’s been absolutely no news on this front for a very long time. I’m not holding my breath on if OR when the next Librarian movie would be made.

  20. trudie Eriksson

    Trudie Eriksson: I’m looking forward for the next librarian movie

  21. Andrew Priestley

    It is always the same. You get something you can really get into, and then they just stop it.
    The films are quirky, light hearted, and noahs character is just well done. The concept is great, the Graphics are cheesy, but you expect that with a television show. ( you can easily fill in what you see ) And of course now we wait. And wait. Bring on number 4! It is way past time for it. I just watched the Judas Chalice again last night for the Umphteenth time. I want another one.

  22. Whoa. There is still a lot of interest in this series. Our take on it (linked in a comment above) still gets plenty of hits! They were fun movies. A goofy Indiana Jones on a TV budget. Even so, we did not think the graphics overly cheesy. Make number four Noah and Jonathan Frakes.

  23. I have watched them several times with my 4girls and for the first time this weekend with my son… We would really like to see the next one. Plzzzzzzz….

  24. Please come out with more Librarian movies! They are so enjoyable!!!!’

  25. This would be great new weekly series for tnt and Noah wiley

  26. I just watched all three of these movies. I loved Noah in ER and was upset when he left. When I discovered he did these movies I was thrilled. I really hope they make several more because they are good movies. They are not full of half naked people nor are they full of bad language or violence, good family movies.

  27. Just watched them again … number 4 please!!!

  28. I love these movies and I really hope they are making a fourth or at least turn it into a television series so we can see new adventures every week

  29. Melodie McFarland

    I Love these movies. I hope future ones help Flynn either meet his father through memories, stories from Judson, maybe he was a librarian or that he is really alive. I would also like to know more about Judson & Jean Curtain’s character.

  30. Hey people its now 2013 and still no news on the 4th librarian movie, I just watched the first 3 and really want a 4th one please come out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I also had just watched all 3 movies for the first time when i posted that comment. they are really funny and just plain interesting movies i just want a 4th one and i don’t care if its in a movie theater or on tnt i just want a new one

  31. This was posted 3 yrs ago no movie came out in 2011 and its. 2013 so what gives?

    • The unofficial news is that Noah Wyle is so bogged down with other productions, mainly the recent Falling Skies miniseries which debuted in June of 2011, that TNT has not bothered to follow through with their plan for another Librarian movie. TNT is also the producer for both Falling Skies and The Librarian, and according to Wikipedia received a renewed contract on July 2nd 2013 for another season.

      Keep in mind that Falling Skies has a much larger following that the Librarian series, and is therefore much more lucrative. So unless there is a sudden lack of interest among current Falling Skies fans and the miniseries tanks, I doubt we will see a followup Librarian movie for several years.

      In short, don’t hold your breath for a new Librarian movie for a few years. Sorry!

  32. I think you may b right cause people that watched the librarian series probably watched it cause of Noah Wyle so i guess there may never b a forth one but if they did all of the planning for this before falling skies came out y didn’t they start filming the 4th librarian movie after all casting was done

  33. Maybe if all of us who enjoy The Librarian movies talk to our friends who enjoy them. Then we bombard Noah with emails. We explain to him that we know how busy he is with Falling Skies, but we’d love to see him again as The Librarian one last time.

  34. that may work but it would b a long time untill we saw it

  35. Poor bob new hart is not getting younger. Falling stars may gave a following, but we only watch a few each release date. TNT is milking a dry cow, new aliens, really! They know the librarian series has a following like Independence Day, over and over.

  36. the librarian movies were fantastic watches for all. I would gladly watch more of them too but like the previous post I`m afraid we will have to at least wait for falling skies to wane in popularity before it will be possible.

  37. yes yes it would be cause i was and kinda still am trying to get a show back on cartoon network thats been going on for 2/3 years now so if we do get noah wyle or even the producers to look at this comment area it may b 2 or more years before we see anything

  38. Please please Noah Wyle do another Librarian Movie!!!!!

  39. Would love to see a librarian movie where Flynn is now a father and preparing his son for a future in the library. It’s been five years since the last one give two more years for production realistically then he could have a son say with his love interest from the second movie who is super smart like mom and dad. And she surprises him with his son saying she wanted him to have a relationship with his father like Flynn had with his dad not like hers. There are plenty of families who have grown up with these movies. Let’s carry them on forward. PLEASE!!!

    • I think they should start the new movie(when there is a 4th one) the way it left off at the end of the third but then go 5 years from then to where flynn is still working for the library but also have his son/daughter working there with him but when he has to leave they help jepson/ jedson (idk what his name is cause i have’t really caught it) in the library so that they know what to expect for if they get their dads job when/if he ever dies in the line of work

  40. Hey good news is finally apon us TNT is doing a 10 episode season of The Librarian later on this year(2014 year) that is set 10yrs after the last movie

  41. Brian Sullivan

    I haven’t heard or seen anything as to the fourth movie yet and it’s 2015. Has anybody heard anything? I’ve watched them all including the site series now and I really want to see the fourth movie. It has to be really good if it’s taken seven years to hear anything.

  42. they have a tv series out now that is based off the movies……the libraians on TNT.

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