Macintosh OS X Shortcut Keys

While it is relatively easy to track down shortcut keys for Macs (e.g. the official Macintosh/Apple keyboard shortcut page), I thought I would compile some additional unofficial web sites that contain useful info or present it differently. In case you’re curious how I came up with this list, I searched Delicious for “mac shortcuts” and took the top few results which are ranked by the number of people who have bookmarked a page.

Mac OS X keyboard shortcuts
(Official web site — 6,600 people tagged this page)
Provides a summary of major keys (Command key, function key, control key) at the beginning of the list with images to show what they look like. Breaks down the shortcuts into broad themes: startup keyboard shortcuts, finder keyboard shortcuts, application and other Mac OS X keyboard commands, Universal Access – VoiceOver keyboard commands, Universal Access – Mouse Keys, plus a list of additional information related to these topics (e.g. iPhoto shortcut keys).

Dan Rodney – Mac OS X Keyboard Shortcuts
(By — 3,300 people tagged this page)
Provides a list of shortcut keys for basic Mac functions, and clearly labeled sections, plus additional applications/software: Guide to the Mac’s Menu Symbols; Finder Shortcuts; Application Switcher; Dock Shortcuts; Working with Windows; Taking Screenshots; Startup Commands; Shutdown/Sleep Commands; Dashboard; Spaces; Spotlight; Working with Text (some only work in Cocoa apps like Safari, Mail, TextEdit, etc.); Emacs Key Bindings (only work in Cocoa apps like Safari, Mail, TextEdit, iChat, etc.); Miscellaneous; Safari; Apple’s; Apple’s

Mac OS X Leopard: 200+ Productivity Booster Keyboard Shortcuts
(By — 3,600 people tagged this page)
Different categories are used, and for various complimentary applications (software): Exposé, Space, Dashboard and the System; Issue: Freeze; Full Keyboard Access; Finder; Search: Spotlight; Utility: Print Screen; Application: Dock; Preference: Universal Access; Boot: Start Up; Browser: Safari; Music: iTunes; Terminal; Mail: Hello from Cupertino; Front Row; Address Book; and Image Editor: Adobe Photoshop.

How to Convert a Word Document into a PDF
Easy directions for creating PDF documents with Macs (basically when you go to print a document, there’s a PDF button which give you the option of saving the document as a PDF).

[Mac] Shortcuts: Learning Curves
(By — 3,100 people tagged this page)
This lists the basic shortcut commands with the keys involved. It is a very minimalistic web page–just the basics!

Keyboard shortcuts in OS X
(By — 1,600 people tagged this page)
Includes nice images of major keys at the top of the page (Shift, Function, Control, Alt/Option keys), but contains the same info as the Mac web site with the same categories, although not all of the shortcuts listed from the official Mac web site.


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