Olympic Data Meets Music

For sports whose winners are determined by time (the fastest participant wins), here is a fun example of how data can be represented both audibly and visually.  The New York Times put together this fun little interactive “Olympic Musical” that shows just how close top athletes end up placing in proximity to each other.

This resource does an excellent job of showing how raw data can be represented in new ways.  It also shows just how diverse information can be interpreted, disseminated, and used. The screen shot below shows how the various Olympic results for Alpine skiing (this only gives you a taste of what this resource does & how information (raw data) can be represented). The Men’s Downhill results is in mid-process of playing–the yellow dots are where the piano note hits within milliseconds.

Go to NY Times article


About repplinger

John has served as a Reference Librarian at Willamette University since 2002. He is the liaison to the Science Departments, and is responsible for maintaining the collections related to the life & physical sciences. His research interests range over the entire spectrum of libraries and information sciences, but includes: - Google and its influence on information & society - The Internet's influence on information seeking & sharing behaviors - Trends of scholarly communication - Electronic learning environments - Traditional pedagogy - GIS use in academic libraries

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