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  1. In my reading of Fister’s article, my impression is that she surveyed librarians, not patrons. So the data about patron conceptions is actually just second-hand reports from librarians about what they *think* are the biggest issues for patrons: “Librarians in the field are actively trying to figure out the right balance. In August 2009, an online survey posted to
    blogs, Twitter, FriendFeed, and Rusa-L was taken by over 100 public librarians. Well over half said patron difficulty in finding nonfiction is related to three factors: having trouble understanding the online catalog, feeling intimidated by a classification system they don’t understand well, and wanting to go straight to the right shelf without having to
    look anything up. Only half believe patrons find call numbers too complicated, and a third felt shelving categories don’t pull together topics in the way patrons want to browse.”

    • You’re correct NB. Fister did survey librarians, not patrons. It kind of like a game of telephone in that librarians asked their perceptions of what their patrons think, so you’re exactly right that this is not a measurement of what the patrons think themselves. Rather it is a measure of the PERCEPTION of librarians about their patrons. Still this provides some insight by librarians who observe patron behavior on a regular basis.

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