Notes on the 2011 Oregon Library Association Conference


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I attended the 2011 Oregon Library Association Conference (PDF of program), and came away with the following notes.  It was a wonderful conference!  One nice aspect about the OLA conference is that most of the programs load their PowerPoint presentations and handouts into the Northwest Central web site.  For those who are not familiar with Northwest Central, it is a very nice resource for continuing education networking for library staff in the Pacific Northwest. I attended these programs:


They Blinded Me with Science: Turning Qualitative Research into Action
Presenters: Hannah Gascho Rempel, Uta Hussong-Christian and Margaret Mellinger
April 8th, 2011.

Basically, this program talked about the Oregon State University Library’s experience of gathering qualitative data through surveying & performing case studies of students and using the info to help support their push to create a physical space within the OSU library specifically for graduate students. It covered different types of information (qualitative versus quantitative), the different types of gathering and evaluating information (using SWOT & TOES analysis, Action Research analysis which is related to the education field, and participatory research analysis).  They focused on the themes of space, services & support for graduate students.  The project was not successful in pushing for the short-term, so they placed this on a medium to long-term list of goals.  The presenters also talked about the importance of communication & networking throughout various stake holders.

All Textbooks on Reserve in the Library!
Presenter: Tony Greiner
April 8th, 2011.

Abstract from the ACRL-OR web site.  Using grant money, in the fall of 2010, Portland Community College Library tried an experiment at its Cascade Campus Library. It established the goal of the library having at least one copy of every required text for every course taught at the campus that fall. The concept was that putting the texts on reserve might reduce the environmental impact of students buying books, and it would provide immediate access to the texts for students waiting for financial aid. This program will be in two parts- a ‘how we did it’ and a ‘what happened.’ The ‘how we did it’ will give details on how to manage such a project and lessons learned, and ‘what happened’ will present data on changes in circulation, gate count, and anecdotal evidence from the students.

Grantwriting for Youth Services Librarians (and others!)
Presenter: Deborah Hopkinson
April 8th 2011

Abstract from Online Northwest.  This presentation provides an overview of the process of grantseeking and proposal writing, and lists some specific resources that may be applicable to youth services librarians. The presenter, also an award-winning children’s author. is vice president of advancement at Pacific Northwest College of Art and former director of foundation relations at Oregon State University Foundation.

Mash-it Up: Cool Tools for Collection Management
Presenter: Robin Paynter
April 7th, 2011.

Abstract from the ACRL-OR web site.  Data mash-ups (data sources pulled together to create new useful information) can be developed on either the local library level or by professional library groups to suit the needs of collection development librarians. Mash-ups are increasingly easy to produce and can be useful in working with faculty, informing collection analyses, and providing additional information during journal cancellation projects. Laurel Kristick (Oregon State University Libraries) will discuss an OSU project using Journal Citation Report and SHERPA RoMEO data to facilitate discussions with faculty to help them make informed decisions on depositing peer-reviewed journal articles in their ScholarsArchive@OSU. Robin Paynter will discuss the ACRL EBSS Psychology Committee Task Force project she lead which developed a new data-rich methodology to create the latest edition of the Committee’s longstanding publication, Core Psychology Journals.

Watzek Rocks: Marketing the College Library
Presenter: Elaine Gass Hirsch & Nikki Williams
April 7th, 2011.

Abstract from the ACRL-OR web site.  Interested in better promotion of the Lewis & Clark College library, the Watzek Library Marketing Team was formed in 2004 to coordinate outreach to our primary clientele of undergraduates and faculty. Building on the team’s successes and with the subsequent creation of a librarian position with focus on library advancement activities, the library’s marketing approach continues to evolve. Additional constituencies, including staff, alumni and donors, are included and there is a developing partnership with the college’s division of institutional advancement. This session will discuss Watzek Library’s marketing successes and learning experiences and showcase our promotional materials.

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